interstellar peas

Popular demand calls for this. We don’t really look twinny in this picture, do we?


17 thoughts on “interstellar peas

  1. omg i just looked at it again and …..yessss………. i see the resemblance.

    anyway i’m officially home alone now. just came back from sending your sis to the airport :(

  2. luminodrake: Yup, I’m the dude on the left busy rushing out my homework and she’s the girl on the right in the green shirt. You have to admit, my head looks like her right profile D:

    cheryl: Stella claims that I’m actually from HER family since she looks like her parents as well. Ah, well, you’ll always be my loving foster sis!

    elias: I know right, but that’s my photo face!

    Zhi Ming: srsly? I thought she looked damn like me in Sec 3. Damn it, she tans more easily than me. It’s not fair!!!!

  3. wow. there really IS a resemblance. This is so so so creepy. But altogether rather amazing.

    Ohmygosh, what if…both of you are just two of many many more clones/lookalike/longlostfamily out there? Think lilo and stitch.

  4. jonlian: Lol! I think it was pretty evident for the observant before this, she kinda alluded to the fact that we have common parents and sister and home, heh.

    kree: O: I’ve been compared to other classmates (Jarrell, Lyn [WHO IS FEMALE WTH]) as well, but none as freaky!

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