politics? I’m already dressed for the occasion!

I’ve finally been reunited with my twin sister, Stella, who’s slightly over a month older than me – our mom must have had an extremely horrible time in the operating theatre. She’s the smart, cute one with seven A1s (edit: eight) for her Os (sorry, twin, took the liberty of rifling through your archives) and she’s in Street Dance. Whoo! I have a twin sister who isn’t really related to me, which means I get to lead a life which is twice as cool, without having a petulant lookalike living in my house and pouting at me!

My life thus far has thankfully not been all about selection interviews and Econs tutorials, though they have no doubt been a sizeable, tedious portion in my budding school life. I’ve been getting to know people I’d probably never have known through the proper channels. Life is too short to wait for the right moment and there’s no point feeling awkward around people if taking the intiative would break the ice considerably. (The truth, of course, is that I really want to get into Council and I wouldn’t even bother making friends with you if I figured that grabbing your baby brother and taking a photo with him would give me a better shot at being voted in. But no one has a baby brother, so you guys would have to do. I promise to make the world a better place!)


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