I write this purely for entertainment

Term One is almost over, and I’m still orientating myself to school. It’s pretty unsettling to see the jerks and jocks and recluses of last year become lively and chatty and charming (and de-bespectacled). Co-education scares me, it was so much easier when the other gender was little more than a hazy myth of mindless brain-eating banshees who had their Y-chromosome bitten off when they were two.

Gee, I can’t believe I actually have to spend the latter half of my life almost exclusively with one of these people.


15 thoughts on “I write this purely for entertainment

  1. …almost over???
    so fast!
    uni starts for me tomo:)
    super packed lectures+tutes backtoback!!!!!!!!!
    did chalking in uni tonight for clubs day!

  2. lumino: Wait, how’s that different from spending my life with a girl?

    cheryl: I’m still not in the studying mood leh, taking things SLOW. What’s chalking?

    robyn: Yeah give me guys any day (though we gay each other all the time, but at least we can pretend it’s normal)

    c: …no rebuttal to that!

    Zhi Ming: The post didn’t exactly reflect my sentiments. Well, to an extent, yes.

  3. lulwut? de-bespectacled? apparently a lot of girls “de-bespectacled” too, but just that we don’t know. MUZ NOT DE-BESPECTACLE LULS

  4. WTH’s luminodrake talking abt? o.0

    anyways, i so like geddit.

    the straighten-ed social dynamic.
    the mat specs.
    the mating game.

    and wads there not to believe?

  5. I AM embracing it, but it’s more of a forced hug if anything. Don’t tell me you don’t miss the days of changing in class and unbridled profanity and facetious mock-homosexuality!!!!

    …oh wait, girls don’t do that sort of thing? :X

  6. Hmm, I miss those days..

    But co-ed environment rocks too! Come on, embrace it! You’ll probably have to live with it when you get a job anyway.


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