idle twitter

Today was almost like my dream day, because I slept ten hours and and played stupid games with nine-year-old cousins (pingpong ball into the waste paper basket, I was leading 7-3 before the cheating began) and attempted some reading (alas, whatever happened to the unquenchable thirst for knowledge of yore?) and Facebooked excitedly for any slightest activity in the lives of almost-acquaintances. The only thing missing was a cute chick materialising in my room, capable of witty and enduring conversation.

I’ve spent quite some time today trying to figure out how to load Tetris and the like on my graphic calculator, while my DS sits in a corner of my table, dejected and alone in all its clamshell promises of touchscreen Technicolor. Sorry, DS, you may be unbelievably sexy but you’re not new.


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