elope with me Miss Private

It’s a weird thing to sleep at six in the evening. I woke up at ten and thought it was morning and wondered why my computer was making weird MSN sounds. This after a string of dreams preying on my insecurities. I’m living life, but barely; 16 is no age to be having a mid-life crisis.

I would regale you with interesting school life stories as before, but there aren’t any! I need more things I can make fun of with gay abandon. Everything around me is plastic and perfect. I’m the only one riddled with chinks.


5 thoughts on “elope with me Miss Private

  1. haha i read tht comment left by “luminodrake”. amusing.

    anyw, matthew chan you can do this shit! come on man be strong! noone can make you feel small/awkward/weird slongs you choose not to be! you can do this! God’s w you all the way.

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