No, I’m not dead, just severely paralysed.

Orientation was a blast, as orientations go – not every day you make a sister! – and it’s hard to imagine that just tomorrow we’ll be shuffling our feet to class. Matriculation and JIP (and indeed, the events of last Sunday, whatever they were) seem like events of the distant past. I’ve been bitchier than I’ve been in years. I’ve realised that RGS girls aren’t as bad as I’d dreamed them up to be – they are slightly worse.

I’m pleased with HH07, because for all the cliquishness and clumping, we still warmed up to one another in the end (some more than others). We have inside jokes and we have a cheer/mantra. I’m not exactly brimming with charisma, but I crack a mean joke. (OGmates are still reeling at “in-SuLyn” to date.)

Word has also been going around that I have a doppelganger with long hair. She is from BB and her name is Stella. If you’re from BB and your name is Stella and you think you look like me, drop me an email! Interviews commence next week, prepare a short two-minute dance routine. No, I’m not interested in you – can you imagine dating yourself, except with long hair? – but we could make stilted doppelganger conversation!

Stilted Doppelganger Conversation

Matthew: Hey.
Doppelganger: …Hey.
Matthew: Hmm.
Doppelganger: You have two more pimples than me! Loser!
Matthew: I’m sure that’s better than that one long nose hair sticking out your nostril, bitch!


9 thoughts on “starhunt

  1. you can NOT be serious. but it’d be…really really weird to see a female mooty. then again, maybe not. and then again, maybe i shouldn’t have just imagined that.

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