half-assed support and hoarse throats

How come Bayley-Waddle gets “BAYLEY WADDLE SEI SEI SEI” and Moor-Tarbet gets “Tsssssssssssssst……” and we get “Hey HH! Yeah! Hey HH! Yeah!…” ad nauseam?

It’s a credible effort but we have dead cheers.


22 thoughts on “half-assed support and hoarse throats

  1. robyn: No, the HH cheer! Boom chika rocka chika boom boom boom boom!

    sixuan: HEY STOP IT, you can insult me but you must have nothing but utmost admiration for my blog >:( haha GEPper powerzzzzz!

  2. thiashanzhi: …oh, so that’s what you guys are saying. It doesn’t really matter, only the TSSSSSSST is interesting at all!

    jonlian: Well a little, but the preamble srsly kills off any energy!

  3. Omg, is it THE Sethu??????? *collapses and dies*

    *is provisionally resurrected*

    LKC: …yeah she does. Small world?

    pizzat: I was really proud of it but I doubt many would get it on the first try. Would they?

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