sunny yellow banana day

I need a post. The past week has been unblogworthy.

Well, there was Orientation. It’s not very blogworthy. I made a few friends called Rich and Jarrell and Kieran. The invisible gender divide was up. I need to make oppositely-sexed friends quick. Girls, allow me to STARE INTO THE DEPTHS OF YOUR SOUL AND MAKE MERRY SMALL TALK. I need to know someone’s favourite colour quick or I’ll go loco.

I got into Raffles Players! It’s quite an exciting bit of news. I thought I was uninspiring and painfully average. I love auditions because they stretch me. I might crash and walk out the room but each time I’ll exit a little taller. Auditions were never my thing. I just started trying out no matter how battering it was. I guess there’s nothing like a panel of seasoned seniors to tell you if you’re good or not, and an audition is more than a gateway into a CCA – it’s a validation of whatever skills I may or may not have possessed.

Great, so now I can sing AND I can act. What next? Talents for a particular African-American strand of touch rugby I never knew I possessed?

I can’t believe I actually got in even after a round of conscientious selection has been done. I’m half-expecting to turn up for my first Players rehearsal and find a million people in the room already rehearsing, replete with slightly befuddled Sec Ones who claimed to not have signed up at all. I amuse myself with self-depreciation, it’s heartening to know that life can’t get much worse than your wildest dreams.

Good night! Today was boring, tomorrow will be better!


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