“I love you,” it whispered to Samsung

Someone please help. My phone (a spiffy Nokia 6500 slide) seems to think it is an Edward Cullen; it is sparingly covered with glitter on its Hardy and Scratchproof Stainless Steel Cover. I feel sick for my hitherto manly phone. It’s like a guy with bulging biceps tattooed with Winx Club all over. I would take photos of it with my phone to show everyone, but, y’know.

I shall have to counsel my phone into submission, wasting precious angbao-money-counting-time, yet before that I need to know something. Own up, you guys. Who’s been secretly downloading Stephenie Meyer e-books into my memory stick?!


5 thoughts on ““I love you,” it whispered to Samsung

  1. The one way to solve it is to help it in it’s fervent need to become glittery. Accept it for who it is!!! BUY BIG SHINY GLITTERY JEWEL STICKERS AND GIVE IT MORE!!! It will love you for it.

    Alternatively, it could be a pupa stage and when it evolves (or sheds its shell) it’ll have bulging buttons about to pop. Or something to that effect.

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