sotto voce

I was fifteen minutes late. I confused my fa with my la three times in a row. I told TBS that Chorale was only ‘one of my options’ and that I ‘was more comfortable with drama than singing’. He gave me a chance to sing a song; I fidgeted for about two minutes before muttering no. I couldn’t hit high notes without sounding gay.

Result? TBS told me to join Bass 2 for one day and see if I liked it. Apparently I had a ‘very low instrument’. He has questionable diction, but he said it like it was a good thing.

TBS: Matthew, are you having a sore throat?
Matthew: Yeah, I am.
TBS: So you don’t normally go this low?
Matthew: … actually, I think I do.

And I did join the choir for one day. I haven’t read a score in a million years, it took me a while to read the notes. (Anyway I remember I used to love Treble clef because it was so elegant and pretty to draw! I would draw it on my notebooks a million times. Bass clef is so ugly and squat. Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers.) I learnt what was solfege but writing the numbers didn’t really do anything for my self-confidence and ability.

Choir people are nice though! I know of some of them and they were helpful. In Sec One my first encounter with the waterpolo team was long and draggy and filled with fail. We played water rugby and someone smartly decided to split the teams into club swimmers and non-club swimmers. And I floundered around and splashed water violently in a false sense of camaraderie. A moving sight.


I am also joining Raffles Press; it’s the only thing I’m so sure of. After two years of substandard sub-editing I am hooked on student journalism!!! I love myself for having a passion!!!


7 thoughts on “sotto voce

  1. “I fidgeted for about two minutes before muttering no. I couldn’t hit high notes without sounding gay.”

    haha yes you preserved your self-image!!

  2. Yeaaa, it would be good to have a friend who can sing who doesn’t look gay.

    Then I can force you to join Singapore Idol when you’re of age, then I can go all “THAT’S HIM! THAT’S MY FRIEND THERE!!” =D

  3. Manly CCA! Masochism ftw, heh. Choir is satisfying/rewarding, but in a very different way from some jock cca. And a manly cca is totally in line with your “lean regime”, HAHA.

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