someone get the LSD out of my system

I got a second audition for Chorale, even though I’d been proudly telling people I’d screwed up the first one (on Thursday).

Yiqing: …I didn’t know you could sing!
Me: Same!

Anyway it’s too bad for Chorale, since I have already been smitten with my Library/AV combination. I have great plans, like Projector Week for AV Club. One week every term will be dedicated to the celebration of projectors, and we’ll set up projectors at the perimeter of the canteen flashing different colours in rapid motion. We’ll also blast feedback through all the speakers during recess and lunch. Everyone will totally be bowled over – and not just the epileptics, either.

Library Awareness Week works on the same principle of mass participation and excitement, and it aims to inform students that there is, in fact, a library in their midst with functioning and borrowable books. Annually there will be bright flashing arrows leading to the library, and inside Library Club members will be dressed up as covers of Edgar Allen Poe classics to TERRIFY the hapless visitors into submission. We will introduce the new Sleeping Corner with cushy sofas and cushions up for grabs, with a few members dressed up as William Shakespeare reading snippets of Hamlet, in a bid to hurry the students off to dreamland.

Any coincidence to existing CCAs is strictly unfortunate and coinci – uh, very very unfortunate.


4 thoughts on “someone get the LSD out of my system

  1. singing? I never knew! maybe you could somehow incorporate all three ccas together. Like um, singing a Lord Tennyson piece from the library over the PA system. Weekly.

  2. stacy: I don’t know! Choirboy?? It sounds derogatory! Three different people (girls) have called me that already! ARGH I don’t mind the choir stigma but it sounds commitment-heavy!

    richyu: :D PINCE-NEZ!

    kreeater: Oh my goodness you are crazy. I would sing Twilight if I had to do that, anyway.

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