bleedin’ luv

I still have no idea what CCA I’ll be ending up in. The unsung Library/AV combination is calling out to me – I mean, who doesn’t want to learn how to fix a projector AND scan books with the magnetic strip machine thing? Apparently chicks go for that sort of thing in JC.

Sex Education was four hours long. Gender stereotypes were thrown around, and we learnt how to date correctly (guys don’t like big showy acts of affection; if we see a girl carrying a heavy box, we should drop everything and help her). The speakers attempted to be engaging and connect with the audience. I think it’s one of those programmes you walk out of and completely forget about until you receive a Edusave form charging for $50 two weeks later.

Well, we got a cool activity book! There are exercises designed for self-actualisation, and also AIDS/HIV statistics in coloured fonts and gloomy backdrops. Yeah, whatever, we get the idea – we’ll use condoms next time.


5 thoughts on “bleedin’ luv

  1. When will they ever learn that some people out there don’t need sex ed talks, and even if they did, it’s always in one earand out the other.

    …don’t tell me you learnt about the AV/Library chicks-go-for-it thing from the talk?

  2. Yesss. The quiz was useless. Everyone already knows what’s the right thing to do.

    And I was like the only guy who actually pretended to be gentlemanly by answering the questions the right way. LOL.

  3. But then again, I only know the things in theory. I never actually practice them, by choice.

    And also because I don’t get a chance too. =O

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