“wtf mooty what’s all this about”

I need to be less guarded. When school reopens I’ll make new friends and I’ll expand my social circle and then it wouldn’t matter if I lost one or two. There are very few people in the world to which I could talk without feeling self-conscious or repulsed (or both), but it’s not for lack of exposure to people. There’s this part of me in a social gathering that would rather curl up into a very compact ball in anticipation of home, and the material/technological comforts I find there. I can make small talk but in very short spells, never over a few minutes.

Please be my friend this year. You could add me on Facebook and post on my Wall, and we could go out in large gatherings and be noisy and go to chick flicks. Your photos will be all over my blog (readership: 150-250/day) and we’d have verbose MSN conversations about nothing in particular. And then we’d leave school and drift apart, but of course it wouldn’t be for lack of trying.


9 thoughts on ““wtf mooty what’s all this about”

  1. I know what you mean. don’t worry! at least with lack of interest in most people, you’ll know that when you do meet someone you like, it’ll definitely be a friendship for keeps! which is a good thing :)

  2. “when you do meet someone you like, it’ll definitely be a friendship for keeps!”

    Oh that’s pretty true! :D but I wish I could be less… discriminative with my company!

  3. that josh might be tung. and actually the hardest people to approach are those whom you once knew but never really talked to over the last 4 < years. you dont want to be embarrassed if they dont remember you.

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