move over, Satan, meet the DS

I’ve purchased a Shifty Nifty Cartridge (name has been changed to protect its identity) for my Nintendo DS which allows me to download games and play them. It’s been one day, and I’ve been alternating between over ten games; my eyes burn and my soul now has weird pockmarks in the shape of red Nintendo logos; my heart THROBS to the beat of the Pokemon Ranger soundtrack.

And I know it’s a nice day and I should be out meeting friends and giving hearty high-fives, instead of clamming up and having a Geek Day on a perfect Tuesday – but believe me, it’s not for lack of trying.


4 thoughts on “move over, Satan, meet the DS

  1. You are one bad boy. Nintendo addict! But then again, that’s normal. Hm. Go play something like The World Ends With You!!! Or Final Fantasy III! Or or or…POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON =DD

  2. you mean the shifty nifty cart i got ages ago?


    the best part has got to be playing all kinds of games without having to worry you wasted your money on some crappy game. just delete, and find another!

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