in ur pantry eating ur foodz

Kitty Kiat has reopened his blog, with a short/stout apology. Probably a school requirement. We love you too, Hongkiat!

In other news I HAVE RECEIVED MY PAY!!! It’s so surreal, I half expect myself to be married with four children already – but really, that guy who pays me just went to Tangs, offloaded some new stock and paid me for last week’s two days with cash, two blue notes. I’ve no idea what I’m being paid for – it’s quite scary when your tea breaks become the rule, not the exception, but oh who cares, I is mega rich now!

And here I was thinking that working life would be tough. I mean, where’re the tax hounds or the corporate bitching?


11 thoughts on “in ur pantry eating ur foodz

  1. ONLY a 100?! Yknow i was out w/ y’all yesterday with $20 and a borrowed 50? ahahaha xD

    lol kieran.. a whole class a bit the much right XD xD xD which reminds me… 4L should be at ms chew’s wedding right now o.0

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