the statue of pursed lips so tightly shut

Gabe: Well, how come all love has to end?
Adam: Let me tell you something about me and your mom. Once upon a time, we really loved each other, but as time went by, there just got to be all these things, little things, stupid things, that were left unsaid. And all these things that were left unsaid piled up, like the clutter in our storage room. And after awhile, there was so much that was left unsaid, that we barely said anything at all.
Gabe: Well, why didn’t you just say them then, dad?
Adam: I don’t know, Gabe. I kind of wish I had.

I think Little Manhattan is a beautiful movie. I remember when it was a class meme, Isaac was passing around his CDs for anyone who was interested in Sec Two (doubtlessly with a characteristic overzealous advertisement; oh 2P was hilarious, remember all the people we “ostracised” and how we got into trouble for that?) and I watched it having no idea about love or girls. I caught it just the other month on TV, and I’m still not sure I know anything at all.

Maybe I’ll never realise the problem with myself, and end up with one of those Ebay mail order brides (though I’m talking through my hat. Of course they don’t sell brides on Ebay, they probably have a sister site for that. Shebay? Oh, surprise me.).


6 thoughts on “the statue of pursed lips so tightly shut

  1. Since when did people put themselves up for auction on eBay? Oh wait, these days everything goes on sale. I’m thinking we could put even our school up on eBay and the cash will just keep flowing in. POTENTIAL QUICK CASH MOMENTS $_$

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