hits close to home

What a difference three days makes – (I’m back from St John’s Island from Some Church Thingum 2008. It was fun, nice people and mosquitoes all around, and Citadels is a better game than people give it credit for, except at 5 in the morning. And I TOTALLY need a Nintendo Wii) – but now Kitty Kiat’s URL has changed/gone missing, which is another cheap moral victory of sorts, but I don’t think the Internet will ever be contained, especially in the wake of these self-proclaimed “semi-professional bloggers” who think that they deserve to have their unadulterated opinion expressed to the world just because they have NuffNang on their blogs and earn that few cents every day. Kitty Kiat is Sec Two and barely has a grasp of English grammar rules, and it’s pretty irritating how he’s acting like his grandfather owns the interwebs.

I’m also sleepier and emotionally exhausted since three days ago. Gossip Girl time~!

(I’ve got to stop that fixation with bloody tildes!)

Catherine: Why did you kiss Serena?
Nate: You said we were through!
Catherine: I can’t believe you would try to make me jealous in front of my husband and our friends.
Nate: [pause] Did it work?
Catherine: Completely.


4 thoughts on “hits close to home

  1. fun fact. googling kitty kiat gets your blog as the first result.

    i’m surprised how quickly he moved/shut down his blog though. the flame fest wasn’t even bad yet.

  2. pizzat: I totally missed the flame fest -.-


    St John’s Island has a very familiar acronym…

    Haha! True true. That must account for all the mosquitoes!

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