SPCA field day


Comrades, we bitchfight TONIGHT.

(alright, so I DID laugh at the fat Indian guy eating, but come off it, who DIDN’T? Besides, he’s a junior, which rhymes perfectly with “Get Laughed At”.

Half-rhyme. Whatever.)

Edit: Slimy Kiat has moved or deleted his blog, so we win, I guess. E-penis Deflation Win! You can still view his amusing post here. Or add him as a friend on Facebook here. Or find out more about him on Friendster here.


11 thoughts on “SPCA field day

  1. oh my. umm…there’s no real point bitchfighting idiots like these. Though he does insult the name of Gossip Girl. There is no style, no smoothness and it’s basically a blather of absolute hot air.

    Whatever, I’d bitchfight only if there was a bar of Cadbury’s Black Forest waiting for me. (hinthint)

  2. google cache still has it, continue tagging if you want~

    unfortunately all his explanation posts and shit were *not* cached. haha, so amusing.

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