I have watched seven episodes of Gossip Girl, pretty good considering I started last night and I take ages to stream. I rest my case about needing a job to keep me useful (next shift tomorrow evening!). It’s been pretty awesome so far, providing what Heroes never could – cute teenage blondes and a healthy refreshing dose of reality.

Heh, Dan Humphrey never fails to crack me up, but it’s sad how charm and wit won’t always get you everywhere in life. Gossip Girl (blogger) is pretty cool as well – rather innovative invention to tie the lives of everyone together and also to provide humour with her occasional asides – like STOMP, except without the moral impetus and the obligatory Singlish and low IQ. It would be totally awesome if the Series Finale ends with Gossip Girl being uncovered as an obese middle-class guy who spends his whole life in front of the computer staring at Google Earth.

Oh well, big whoop for privacy. With omnipresent satellites, who needs porn?


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  1. hang in there with your job! the moment i walk into the office i feel like leaving for good… but think about the money (even if it’s not a lot!) and such experiences only toughen you up :D

    anyway, this is random but chuck and blair should totally get together while vanessa and jenny should be axed :(

  2. and nate too. that guy is the cheap-china-factory-candy of all eyecandy.

    And Dan Humphrey is supposed to be the uncharming, socially awkward misfit! To as much extent as someone who’s Serena’s boyfriend can /be/ a misfit, anyway. And I always thought it was sad how hard work can’t always get you everywhere, whereas charm and wit can open assorted doors.

    There’s also a theory that blair’s maid dorota is gossip girl. I like that one best :D

  3. cheryl:
    Well right now you’re watching it in your room while I’m catching up on the Ch8 drama I missed for work. No sweat, you’ll be up to episode 11 like me in NO TIME :D

    Oh I’m quitting on Thursday and getting another one at Tangs, $50 a day for seven hours, SO AWESOME (comparatively and objectively) and yeah I count my blessings cos my part-time peers at Filipino Express are earning $4.20 or $4.50 for unknown reasons.

    I don’t know about Chuck/Blair, I’ve watched eleven episodes, but Chuck > Nate any time! I think Chuck’s possibly the most mysterious character in the whole show, and I like his voice!

    Well it’s just his character that’s boring, and eye candy IS eye candy. Like Zac Efron, except without the ugly! And gosh the Humphreys are the only cool family in the whole show! Sans the mom. It was so sad, the episode with the cotillion and Serena’s grandma, because even though they resolved the problem with lots of dancing and kissing, Dan will always stick out for his middle-classedness, UGH.

    But Dorota doesn’t sound anything like Kristen Bell! I think, I haven’t heard her speak. Dorota as Gossip Girl? Totally reminiscent of Jeeves, the world’s smartest butler.

  4. I love Dorota !! And I’m jealous of your Tangs job hurhur

    Yeah to me, Chuck is like this sexy enigma while Nate is just a bankrupt pretty boy who can’t make up his mind between Jenny and Vanessa.

  5. CH8 dramas are so nice!!! the 9pm one is pretty good too. for once it’s bearable watching jeanette aw cuz she’s mute, HARHAR. i brought my hdd to work today hoping to dl the first ep of the 9pm show i missed 2 nights ago :D

  6. no! dan is annoying hipster scum. i’m hoping he and vanessa die in a fiery car crash in the season finale; if that happens i will GO TO CHURCH THAT WEEK.

    -is obsessive-

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