the apron isn’t helping

I like Stacy’s neighborhood, because there’re so many playgrounds with sand pits and swings which are breeding grounds for happy children and Hand Foot Mouth Disease. And happy children. And couples who make out and further their kind on the benches, whoo!

Her Mom also thinks I’m “half my size” (from last year) but it’s not true because my flab’s just been offset by my height so yeah. She’s also kinda scary and aptly teacher-like and I wouldn’t want to be taught by her because I’d go all scared and have premonitions of doom whenever I forget to do my work, but she’s kinda cool because there’s a song about her!

If the industries of Singapore was a collective human body, F&B would be like the BUTT PIMPLE. Robyn gets $6.50 for telemarketing, which while probably really tedious and demoralising, at least entails sitting down and constant access to a cup of water, I hope? My first day at Filipino* (*nationality changed to protect Thai national pride) Express today. I get $4.80 an hour for:

  • staring lustily at the food and water
  • having lunch at 4pm
  • realising that 90% of Singaporeans don’t notice your existence when you offer them water (Caucasians are marginally politer, and so are pretty and/or young girls, oh thank God for those)
  • getting scolded by bitchy colleagues for no reason other than freshness to the job, who’re probably just bitter because their future lies at the Filipino Express counter and mine doesn’t
  • discovering that Filipino Express is really unhygenic and all the cutlery and utensils and cups are kinda oily still because they’re just dumped into soapy water and blasted with water

It’s quite sad when the only thing moving your life is counting elapsed minutes and trying to divide by sixty and multiply by $4.80, and assuring yourself that you’re actually building character. It was definitely humbling, I suppose, because we’re so used to being “important” in school, and it shows that one man’s meat is another’s part-time exploitee.

I can’t wait for Christmas Day where I start cashiering at Robinsons for $5-6 an hour, because that sounds pretty slack and sedentary. I feel quite stupid when people all around are using their contacts to get $10/hour jobs but I can’t because I don’t know anyone who’s self-employed. I think feeling stupid is kinda part of the character building process.

I’m doing evening shift tomorrow, and if it could make Thomas have to take a day off tomorrow it sounds pretty bad. Oh well. Sticks and stones and soiled dishes and oily cups! Please visit me at Raffles City Filipino Express because it’ll distract me from the evils of the corporate world!

/rant which forgot to have a punchline. Uh, knock knock!


11 thoughts on “the apron isn’t helping

  1. Srsly. Filipino (Thai) Express? Well I guess you gotta start somewhere…

    K, maybe I’ll visit one day and make life hell for you. Not that I’m particularly fond of Filipino/Thai food or anything. Can’t you go become a cashier at Robinson’s earlier than Xmas day?

  2. kreeater: Nope, the job’s specially for a set number of days and if you complete it you get an incentive bonus!

    Zhi Ming: …yeah, that’s also what I tell myself every five minutes while feverishly checking my watch.

  3. haha srsly, the pay is not good man! you can spend your hours elsewhere doing better stuff haha xD and the raffles city branch isn’t very nice also right? >< sunday evenings would be quite bad, i think. hahaha oh well. jiayou.


    Yeah, and you’re doing a great job being content with what you have, but like Theodore says, YOU BEING ASPLOITED, YOU LITTLE MOOTY CHAN! GET PROPER EMPLOYMENT PLS.

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