my soul smells of freshly-minted $2 notes

I think it’s never a good sign when you’re better-known on the Internet than in real life. Having online friends is like keeping an Aibo dog. (I can’t think of a complementing witty comment right now.)

I mean, look at Xiaxue.

What I really, really dislike are smokers who presume that people around them should accept their nasty habit just because they are “addicted”, or that “please, it’s just a bit of smoke”.

Which part of LUNG CANCER and JUMPIN’ JIMINY* SMELLY do they not understand???

*Offensive words were removed and replaced with worksafe terminology. At it’s mooty, WE CARE, and we know that at any point in time, your parents could be peering around your shoulder staring – uh, hi Uncle.

This is Xiaxue.

Soft, meaty and just divine on the inside, with a crispy skin on top of it.

The carrot cream sauce is innovative yet well made. The initial taste is cream and the aftertaste is a subtle taste of carrots.

This is Xiaxue with a wad of banknotes stuffed up her _________.

I guess I’m just aghast how much money a blogger can earn for posting mean, insensitive and controversial stuff. I’ve been doing just that for the past two years FOR FREE. Bye, off to find me some obstrusive banner ads.


7 thoughts on “my soul smells of freshly-minted $2 notes

  1. Plz you probably draw in enough readers even without the mean/controversial/insensitive. And I burnt a fingernail while partaking in the gradnight tradition of lighting candles – saving my finger in the process!! I am blessed.

  2. OMFGWTF you aren’t online?!?!?! And lulz at your burning; I hope that fingernail was fake. I remember I burnt my finger in Sec One Orientation (’05, not ’08) when we all had to hold candles and my wax was dripping all over :D Hooray for self-inflicted pain!

  3. …I don’t *do* fake fingernails. Sec one orientations are so sadistic! We had to put our mouths in pre-lickedbyotherpeople-flour and seize a single paperclip by the teeth. We’ll have to go through all that again next year :O

  4. I liked her post on Obama because it is totally true and Obama really hasn’t done anything to warrant such optimism. She does make occasional sense when she’s not getting sponsored.

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