Not every birthday you see ~20 people sitting in your room making a mess (eeps I hope they didn’t riffle through my stuffs, IF YOU DID DON’T POST COMMENT, I’LL BE WILLING TO SETTLE OUT OF COURT/THE INTERWEBS) and popping balloons by the minute. I’ll let it slide.

Thank God for a brilliant/cunning/conspiratorial sister who hacked into my MSN and liaised with Sean and planned The Ultima Human RickRoll/Betrayal. Thank God for the OTHER sister who couldn’t make it but would doubtlessly have wanted to (I think) join in, and who sent me a Grow-A-Geek. Thank God for the parents for cleaning up and not having much of a fit as 20 hot and sweaty people drop cake and curry and chips on the floor. Thank God for the parties (geddit) who turned up or would have liked to. See, I haven’t had a party in seven years, because I couldn’t think of who to invite and was scared no one would turn up, probably due to the fact that I have about the social aptitude of a hermit slug, but all’s well.

Pictures will be on?


To those who weren’t invited, it’s okay, we love you even if you aren’t from 4K. It’s not your fault, you were born that way.

Okay, I think this makes up for my days of lolling around the house growing fat. Whoo social life GET! At least now I can grow fat on birthday gifts! Maltesers and candy, very wise.

(I was trying hard to remember what I did for my sis’ 21st birthday bash way back in January, other than eating the eclairs and drinking fruit punch. The eclairs were good.)

Also many Facebook wishes from people who barely know me. Some guy called Ben Tan wished me happy birthday, even though we don’t know each other and he has 1697 friends and he’s Sec 2. If you’re reading this, Ben Tan, thank you Ben Tan! Catch up with you some other time Ben Tan.


7 thoughts on “legal

  1. Kieran: omg that is the most ‘wtf’ picture I’ve ever seen. It was literally oozing wtfness! Lighting was good too!


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