it does die eventually

Origami is pretty therapeutic. It’s quite cool when you fold cubes and boxes.

I’ve been wondering what defines masculinity, and why folding scraps of paper won’t win you chicks when running around with a ball under your armpit will. Maybe if our forefathers had been differently engineered, the world would be pretty different right now.

Mating Ritual

Ogg: Me fold CRANE.
Tugg: Me fold ROSE. Win.
Pretty Mariagg: WOW Tugg u so kul lets gt maried
[Exit Tugg and Pretty Mariagg]
Ugly Bettygg: wow i liek crane
Ogg: Screw off.

But seriously, origami is pretty fun. It’s like flower arrangement, minus the undying shame.


9 thoughts on “it does die eventually

  1. If Daniel the ultra-manly can confess to his shady origami history, So can I!

    I bought an Origami calendar which had instructions for every single day. I failed at it though. They were all too hard for me.

  2. Wait. Folding scraps of paper MIGHT win you chicks. =X

    After all, who doesn’t like a sweet, sensitive guy?

    I’m am NOT gay, by the way.

  3. Dan: Oh, you kidding right? What could someone like YOU fold, biceps? *pinches nose*

    Nigel: Heh yeah I sux as well. Roses, for example, are totally escaping me for now. BUT – I fold a mean cube, ha!

    stacy: Pfft, looks like you wouldn’t win over any guys in a mating ritual, then.

    Zhi Ming: Ooh. Whatcha doin’ tonight.

  4. i remember when earlier this year we were taught how to fold cranes for that… thing which escapes my memory, i went crazy folding cranes. i folded every piece of paper i could get my hands on… ahhhh those were the days.

    i folded some really really small ones too, those were hard. :(

    unfortunately, other than that i don’t really know how to fold anything.

  5. Aye those cranes were fun! And I made micro cranes as well, though the wings tended to be wiltered, and macro cranes, and then I made the normal cranes ride on the macro cranes and the micro cranes ride on the normal cranes and… yeah. CRANE POWAHHHHHH.

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