auspicium capsicum

APR day!

My GPA’s now a whopping mediocre-but-that’s-okay 3.69!

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Get an end-year GPA above 3.6!

And my group got A+ for RE! At this point I would be trying to figure out what we did correctly, but then I’m busy trying to figure out what we did.

(Rich, I hope you’re reading this. It would, in all sincerity, make my day.)

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Lead a group of incorrigible slackers (self included) to an A+ for RE!

And I did a barrel roll!


So many achievements I will never unlock, but then no one will ever unlock them all, though the goal is to try. I think this year I’ve been trying harder than ever, which isn’t very hard, but still, the year has truly been eventful and blessed.

I have acted in the Arts House – on two separate occasions.

I have had a flat top and a shaved head within days of each other.

I have directed a full mark Lit performance.

I have grown X cm (X being almost infinity, except slightly less).

I have acted in Dramafeste.

I have caused some random RGS girl to lock her blog.

I have assembled a presentable Grad Night outfit for slightly less than $100.

I have gotten drunk on Orange F&N.

… and a variety of slightly more personal feats (like finally having pimples). Basically this year has been like no other, and even I’m no prefect or captain or batch-topper in any way, I still feel a slight tinge of nostalgia coupled with anticipation, the cocktail that inevitably accompanies transition and change.



10 thoughts on “auspicium capsicum

  1. what the hiao? dayym u’re good.

    i din get the part about the barrel roll thing though

    and RE? screw it. :/

    everybody’s gonna lose the game. its freking doublethink.

    the RGS gurl repented!

    ur day getting better yet? here’s one more: moderation freking did NOT help me.

  2. random RGS girl: Wait, are you an imposter? If not, well it’s not me you should be apologising to. Go do some CiP to make yourself feel better :) If you are, STOP IT HERNWEI. IT’S NOT FUNNY.

    luminodrake: Lose what Game? …crap.

    Beverly/Nigel: I tried it once! It’s like Magic Pen, which I find funnerererer. (partly because I solved more levels of the latter) Not my kind of puzzle game though.

  3. mooty, you forgot your biggest defeat EVER at the fingers and keyboard of The Great Hernwei. That, got to be the LOWLIGHT of the year.

  4. Jun Sean: Lol. But you have lots of Glorious School Achievements to make up for it, so there.

    sean: Hmph. I FORGIVE AND FORGET.

    (and honestly, who’d have suspected? It’s unfair game, cos THE INTERNET REALLY REALLY SUCKS (FOR PORN!))

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