back to pumpkin

I’m too sleepy to recount anything, I did take photos, and the school spirit that had slowly collected in me throughout the dinner has dissipated. I feel like stabbing someone with my badge. Or something less normal.

Mmpfdskjgkljag this goes out to the AV Club: Totally not cool to play Rick Astley 6837459847 times throughout the course of the dinner and chuckle at your triumphs because after a few million times it STOPS GETTING FUNNY. Though it’s an awesome song. In my free time I collect stamps, stamp on bugs and RickRoll myself.

I am drunk on the orange fizzy drink. Hangover expected.


4 thoughts on “back to pumpkin

  1. Hahaha did you hear? The original winner of the crumpler bag was Joel Seah, who ponned because he couldn’t get a table ><

    But no I still couldn’t stop mimicking Rick Astley. Nor singing along oh noes I phailz.

  2. You guys had it good.

    I didn’t manage to Rickroll *my* batch dinner because they shut down the AV system before we could get to it.

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