close shop

Somehow or other Sean and Jarrell crashed my date with myself and it was a very awkward moment and we didn’t want anyone else butting in. I also bought a shirt and tie and discovered that skinny jeans suck, because I can’t seem to get my heel through. It’s really unfair, the way they ostracise people with fat heels.

And screw running and swimming, shopping is the official new way to keep fit. When they joined me I was in Takashimaya trying random stuff, and five hours later we were in Bugis, starved, dehydrated and half-dead (me only; the rest seemed to think that one could live on jeans alone). I will remain single till I die if being attached entails going on occasional shopping trips. I’LL MAIL ORDER EVERYTHING I NEED! YOU CAN’T FORCE ME TO DO SOMETHING I DON’T LIKE!

My shirt is pretty nice and I think on Sunday evening I may be able to hang out with the cool people. (For once.)


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