no more <3 for chinese!

Expectations, expectations. Last year I’d have been happy to get a D7 but I think I screwed up today. But s’okay! The O’s are over as soon as they’d begun! Whee!

My L1R5 for the year is 6! I like picking random statistics to make myself feel awesome, but in fact I don’t because before today I’d never left a Chinese paper UNFINISHED at the end of two hours. It’s only one question, but it’s 4 marks, 2% and if I get B3 I’ll be left wondering what could have been and oh whatever I didn’t even study too hard. Damned Humanities Programme application was due the same day.

I think I’m supposed to say something about Obama at this point to give the impression that I’m a partisan follower of the US Elections, so – whoo! OBAMA! YOU MAY BE THE ANTICHRIST BUT WE LUV YOU ANYWAY COS YOU MORE HANDSOME THAN PALIN! And honestly? I really wouldn’t be surprised if Obama turns out to be the Antichrist, because he has enormous fanatic support in some parts of America, and he’s Muslimish, which makes him a Highly Suspicious Character. Though I think God wouldn’t risk making a black person the Antichrist, because he wouldn’t want to be accused of being racist and destroy His already deterioriating PR (making George Bush the previous US President already harmed it pretty badly)

I think I’m rambling.

NaNoWriMo is my new goal of the month (other than burning my flab and getting presents and surviving Grad Night with dignity intact). 50k words! And I’ve started late! It sounds so awesome though. Christopher Paolini wrote a damned bestseller when he was sixteen.

I need a plot.


5 thoughts on “no more <3 for chinese!

  1. you see that second anon. that’s the FBI speaking. matthew be warned. you might find yourself stabbed in the neck as i am typing this right now.

    im going to start on the pizza boy who delivers within red light district (: but it wont be anywhere near 50,000.

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