I think I shall leave my emotionally charged post for Wednesday, when all exams have been sat for and 4K has finally ended.

The offer I extended to my classmates on the Yahoogroups:

can we camwhore a lot plz so my facebook friends think I’m popular.

This offer is extended-extended to everyone in school. Remember to tag my face after you’ve uploaded it to Facebook, after Photoshopping my pimples off, after cropping everyone’s face off or cancelling them off with thick black crosses in Microsoft Paint. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “WORDS WON’T BRING ME DOWN~

  1. umm. ok. let’s organise camwhore sessions regularly and we can all become popular and famous on facebook.

    ok i was lying. go take pictures of cats and tag them as yourself. instant popularity. not that i’ve tried. o.o

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