rhetorical question, plz dun answer

‘Tis going to be the longest damned week in 2008, both in waking hours (okay, maybe not) and in mental fatigue (VERY YES).

In the midst of EOYs, how much does a merger mean? [15]


3 thoughts on “rhetorical question, plz dun answer

  1. dats a damm good qns. so we cant muster any reaction and after EOY we’ll be too bochap to care abt it. and so the sch can just push it through nonchalently. ah well. not our business aint it. though i sure wish i was going to RJC. RI is nice. 4 4 years.

  2. I honestly think news about the merger is really stupid lah. Its just re-announcing what was decided so so so long ago. And then, the media even better. Covered it once in the newspaper, now another time.

    Oh well, I guess everyone gets writer’s block. -_-

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