So easy to slap high expectations for this EOY two months back (scientific calculator in hand; “Neh mind, just need 95.458724857% for EOY confirm 4.0 one!”), but with two days and an hour left to the English and SS papers I’m watching these expectations crumble. I should never have become too good at salvaging my marks with bursts of Herculean effort after months of stagnation, so that I wouldn’t have had to face this at a time where it counts for quite a lot. Consistency should have been key but I guess I let Complacency explain that out of my school life.

Close-up the EOYs are much scarier than back in July or August. It’s 40%. Even for your top subjects nothing is confirmed, you could mess up this test and drop two grades; for your ailing ones it may be too little too late: 40%, two hours, if you couldn’t even handle the class worksheets the EOYs could terrify you into grudging submission.

I’m not getting that ‘comfortable’ (admittedly, somewhat smug) feeling I usually get before a test, and I really need a superhuman effort now if I want to get out of this, head and tail intact.

Corrosion of Metals!


8 thoughts on “lapse

  1. I think it matters quite a bit what you get in RJC. I mean, this year’s GPA is gonna determine subject combos, with the H3 and all, and of course.. its gonna affect your class. =/

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