ph(2+) + ail (2-) –>

  • 1 mol random notes, study guides and textbooks: spectator ions
  • 2 mol brain: NEUTRALISED [BrOH + HCl –> BrCl + H20]
  • 10000 mol late night tidbits: reduced [Bs(200000+) + 200000e –> Bs]

I’m kinda trying to feed my brain with biscuits and water but for some reason it’s not working. A week later I’m going to look at the mirror and wonder why anyone would GAIN weight from exam stress.

RI first papers: English and Social Studies – Friday, 10 October.

Meanwhile, secondary schools around the country throw the pens and textbooks in the air in delight, signaling the end of the End of Year Examinations.


6 thoughts on “ph(2+) + ail (2-) –>

  1. But but but, we still have HCL ‘O’s after that! So it’s still *insert string of expletives ending with the past tense of the F word* -up.

  2. Your brain’s made of bromine hydroxide? :V
    Also Br+ is unstable

    Where’s your minus sign after the electrons!

    …*my* chem teacher caused irreversible damage to my head, evident from the above.

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