*doesn’t account for extended disappearance*

While searching for words that started with ‘wom’ (don’t ask), I came across this!

Wait – seriously? I can’t even come up with something funny in response, it pretty much pre-empted all the jokes that could be made out of this and threw it back at itself for twice the impact.

In other news, my wombat was found lying in the toilet bowl dying of mysterious stab-related wounds. Hmm.


3 thoughts on “*doesn’t account for extended disappearance*

  1. o.O jealous vengeful mooty.

    awwwwww just because we dont fawn over you like we used to doesn’t mean you should get jealous :P

  2. umm ok. so does that mean the wombat was female?

    if you wanted to we could still coo over you and umm…praise you to no end if you wanted. we could even start calling YOU Womyn!

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