curtain call

First place for Showcase! I didn’t even know there were judges. The prizes didn’t really matter but I liked how we got the most laughter. Yesterday the energy by the cast was amazing, and today it dipped as I predicted, but we actually got laughter, so that was great. A script everyone thought wasn’t funny. It’s settled, we have one of the best casts ever, everyone either a great actor or suiting their roles perfectly, or both. All six of them were funny in their own right, and maybe we don’t have the best ensemble (which can only be built up with Time, elusive thing that we lacked), but our actors were good enough for a decent farce.

I’m feeling much better now, glad that something I actually put in a fair bit of effort and got a fair bit of marks. It’s an amazing feeling, to deserve your marks and to get marks deserving of your effort, and I say this in all humility and… earnestness.

(funny how we met Thomas after our performance and he was like, “Matthew… okay, good lah good lah!” Highest praise EVER.

Though I maintain that if I have a chance I’d like to work with the 4K Lit RP guys, Lit RA is awesome but I bet I’d have lots more fun with 4K!)


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