A bit surreal, definitely wasn’t expecting us to be called out first (why was first place called out first anyway. No tension this way, not enough time for nausea or butterflies, just shock).

“First place… The Ornamental Truth!”

Then we realised that was us, and we were stunned. Prior to this Shanzhi (resident fail ninja) reported Jonlian’s group apparently hit the top band for all the rubric indicators.

Me: Oh… do you think we hit the top band for everything as well?
People around: Don’t think so…

But we got 88/90, freaking awesome – dropped two marks for the script (D:) but full marks for everything else, awesome considering everything, considering our team, considering the other teams, considering my inexperience at writing a script or directing, but hell, 88/90 so magical. So miraculous.

We didn’t celebrate much, too stunned, feeling too undeserving. Third, second maybe, but we beat every single group there was. Victory doesn’t come naturally to a team of randomly assembled leftovers, the last 12 people when the other 12 Lit RA people had eagerly banded together. We felt pretty crappy, our first meeting throwing out airy-sounding themes and paper-thin messages. I felt pretty crappy, my first rehearsal as director after Shanzhi took up an acting role. We felt pretty crappy, the day before today (yesterday), our final long rehearsal where nothing went well and half of cast still not costumed.

Maybe it was our lagginess that made us finally reach our peak during the grading session – the best run I’ve ever seen (even if from stage left), all six actors solid and energetic. Maybe tomorrow’s Showcase session we’ll droop a little, I don’t really care honestly – bad, laidback director that I am, ‘it’s not graded anyway’ – but it’s quite cool how we were a lot more united than I thought we’d ever be.

Aiyah nothing really matters. Good night!

(Congrats to Team 4K and Jonlian’s group! 4K swept the top three spots! We are cool and literary people!)


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