director schmirector

Tomorrow’s the performance, and Douglas needs a bra (DON’T ASK) so I said “ask your mom”.

Basically Douglas is sleeping right now, and when I called his number I got his mom, and

Douglas’ mother: Hi, Douglas is sleeping, I’ve been trying to wake him up since 9 but he wouldn’t get up… what do you need?
Me: Uh it’s just that Douglas needs to bring a prop tomorrow for the Lit dramatisation.
DM: Oh Lit ah? What’s the prop?
Me: Um, mm, ah, it’s okay, I’ll settle it myself.
DM: Never mind, what’s the prop, maybe I can help.
Me: No it’s alright, I can sort this out with my teammates. Really! Yeah.
DM: Oh, okay then. Sorry ah!
Me: Thank you auntie.

MSN (to Theo): Damn, I called Douglas’ home but he’s sleeping.

Should totally have started sourcing for props earlier, and I think my life defines awkward moments.


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