hear hear!

Okay, I’m using the >< emoticon about once every three days now, which is once too many, so if you see me use it anywhere, please slap me real hard.

Other UnWanted emoticons include: T_T, x) and [(*897&4=+=!

(I invented that last one, it means Oh Goddamnit Stop Using Emoticons Or I’ll Slice Your Butt In Half)


12 thoughts on “hear hear!

  1. hey! i made the “><” sign popular! this is a blatant infringement of copyright laws. thou shalt be receiving a letter from my attorney in due course. hmph.

  2. is it too late to say bon voyage? have a mighty good trip to perth!!! :) enjoy yourself yeah? :) it’s spring and the weather has been absolutely LOVELY here, not sure about oz. wish you were coming to chch instead. see you in exactly 2 months ;) take care, have a safe flight! <3

    God bless :)

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