Table tennis at the Kemama Shop brought out memories of a long time ago. I think I was probably a better player seven years ago though.

How dastardly that the end of Term 3 should herald the impending EOYs! However, don’t think that I’m going in unprepared. I HAVE DRAWN UP A VAGUE TIMETABLE-THING. It’s kinda fun when you put your mind to it. Plus, it gives you the impression that you’re ever ready, which is a very useful impression indeed. In fact, I think I’ll draw a few more tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “O.T.


    Matthew’s timetable would now look like

    8:00 – Wake up, Eat Breakfast
    8:30 – Read newspapers
    9:00 – Draw up new timetable
    9:30 – Watch Sesame Street on LIL’ KC

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