keeping up with the times

The Bay Run “6km Fun Run” wasn’t fun, and it probably wasn’t exactly 6km, but it certainly was lots of run, especially after almost four months of inactivity and Flash games and mugging and general butt-on-the-couch-watching-Olympics-ery. I got a stitch around 200m into the run. Naturally I stopped a few times.

Am tempted to make an Usain Bolt joke at this point but I can’t think of any funny one, so you’ll have to go jokeless.

So yeah, ran-walked 6km today. Back to inactivity, back to Flash games, back to mugging, and back to general… oh, damnit. It ends tonight.


4 thoughts on “keeping up with the times

  1. there’s a brochure about KPE run? I DON’T HAVE!!!!1111 I GOT INFERIOR GOODIE BAG WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!

    uh, 5km? when is it? if it’s any time before July next year I think my body’ll still be recovering from this one.

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