breakin’ records and tension

Sec 4K.

27 Raffles Institution students, sixteen years of age, in a humanities class, all gifted and weird in our own special ways.

Yet still not above the latest handphone game craze.

It’s a game modelled after the Olympic Games, except that the only things we’re exercising are our two index fingers.

In other news Thia Shanzhi has finally achieved what he had been threatening to do in the past two years, and has broken his record of making 56948695826 Uber-Fail Jokes (UFJ) in a single day. The 16-year-old will be representing Singapore at the Mr Fail Universe Awards, where his stand-up routine will be tested against over 200 other contestants hoping to bring the elusive award home this year.


7 thoughts on “breakin’ records and tension

  1. oh wait stop me if you heard this one before!

    a man walks into a bar.





  2. shanzhi thia broke his long lasting fail joke streak today by cracking two jokes that made us laugh within three periods.

    believe it or not?


  3. Critics have dubbed him as a two-hit wonder, and neutral parties were found to have muttered that he had “used underhand means” – a conjecture that was made stronger by the fact that Thia Shanzhi tested positive for three banned substances and a hidden “1001 Best Jokes” book in his bag in a random drug test, upon leaving the school earlier in the day. Investigations are under way.

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