solving The Cube all too easily

The Olympics are pure awesome.

How can the whole world be behind Michael Phelps? It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. He’s already proven he’s a winner, and getting eight golds is just so probable, so magical that everyone backs him for it, willing him to be the one to give them a great memory of the 2008 Olympics. Three more golds to go.

His feat is more awesome than we think. Before Phelps the world record for most Olympic golds was 9, held by a handful of past world-beaters. He’s already had 11 in two Olympics-es, with three more waiting in the balance.

World records are being smashed as easily as sunned pancakes past their sell-by date, by as much as 5 seconds in the case of the 4×200 freestyle relay (of which Phelps was a part of, of course). Synchronised diving is really beautiful a sight to behold, except when they land with anything other than the top of their heads or make huge splashes. Weightlifting is pretty cool. Watching 18-year-old females with biceps 45834768973908673509 the size of yours lifting twice-and-a-half of your weight is strangely enjoyable.

Who cares if Singapore isn’t winning anything? I’m rooting for the winners, and the Olympics are making me happy. It’s probably worth it ponning school to watch every single event on Channel 5!

…which just gave me another theory about a certain person I happen to know. THE BASTARD.


15 thoughts on “solving The Cube all too easily

  1. Typo in 3rd line! =D

    Anyway, Phelps broke the world record for 400 IM by about 1.5 seconds, if I’m not wrong.

    1.5s is a hell lot of time in world-class swimming, just in case you didn’t realise the importance. Hahaha.

  2. Typo? “Probable”? I meant that. As in, it’s more probable that Phelps can do it than anyone else at any other time. That’s what I meant even if it sounds weird. So it’s not a typo, just bad phrasing. No idea which is worse.

    And yeah Phelps has been breaking records in everything, that’s why it’s so fun to watch! He breaks the record in the heats (which probably is his own past record), and then breaks his own record again in the final. Imba.

  3. heh a bit the obvious ah joon yoong? lol august liang gave you this korean name and honestly i think its quite cool.

    How far do you agree that Joon Yoong’s a cool name? (15m)

  4. oh and reasons why records are getting broken like there’s no tmr:

    1)LZR racer
    2)The pool. because of many features the pool is anti-wave, which means the swimmers face less resistance when swimmming thus they go faster. some features include the pool being 3m in depth instead of the usual 1.8m – 2m, having 10 lanes instead of the usual 8 and the lane diividers are special in the sense that they act as propelers to propel the wave generated in a lane away from the other lanes and instead pushed along the divider to the edges of the pool.

    china cheats yet again.

  5. In 2012 he should attempt to be the first man to Win 8 Gold Medals Wearing A Tracksuit. While Wearing A Giant Plank Of Plastic Normal To The Water On His Head.

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