…though that would assume I have friends

Heroes Season Two Premiere on Channel 5! Tonight!

Singapore I luv you (and you’re only 27 years older than me so we’d be great together because I go for older and more mature nations) and everything, but you’re totally the Slowest Airer Of Awesome Series-es. I watched Season Two ages ago, and so have America and all the other cool donut-dunkin’ countries.

Honestly, by the time we air Season Three, America will be on Season 11 and then while I’m talking to my online pals they’ll be like “oMG NERF DAT ROBOT GURL WIF DE ULTRASOUND POWERZ” and then another guy will be like “YA NO SHIT NERF HER SRSLY, PETER’S GRANDSON IS TOTALLY GETTING PWNZORED LIKE A PWNZVICTIM IN A PWNZTORNADO K?!?!?!?!” and then I will have NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT and will thus Not Fit In or even Not Catch Up With The Conversation. Which may lead to depression and suicide and all those terrible things. And should I have to write an AQ about it in my English EOY I’ll be like:

Passage A thinks that the “robot girl with the ultrasound powers should be nerfed”, while Passage B feels that “yes, no shit, nerf the robot girl, seriously; Peter’s grandson is totally getting pawned like a pawned victim in a pawn-tornado, okay?!?!?!?!?!” Personally I have nothing to say to this because LIEK WTF, SINGAPORE HASN’T AIRED THE DAMNED EPISODE SO I DON’T KNOW HOW TO RESPOND AND SHALL JUST SIT HERE DUMBLY AND MAKE GRUNTING NOISES. GRUNT GRUNT GRUNT.

So, Channel 5, you’re nice and I appreciate your efforts, but when Season Three comes out in late September I’m going to have to ditch you for BitTorrent, because BitTorrent has got The Stuff, and you don’t have The Stuff, and I really, really want to pass my English EOY. Thank you for the good times. The last time I liked one of your sitcoms was ages ago, but you cover the Olympics, so you’ll always be special to me.


8 thoughts on “…though that would assume I have friends

  1. LOL yes I did. (I was using the comp and watching TV since NDP ended till Heroes ended o_o though I like to think I was doing work)

    Neither were particularly spectacular. If I had to choose I’d say Calefare has a better premise though I think it’s just an excuse to get the viewers to act as calefares isn’t it.

    Ronnie is totally the driving force behind an otherwise cookie-cutter First Class. The kids are obnoxious, especially the smart-ass.

  2. [omg] i was watching the olympics instead of ndp[/omg]

    channel 5 shows are pretty low level if you ask me though. watch like american teevee! and yes the american shows on channel 5 are awfully late. i mean like chuck’s over on AXN which is already a couple of months late and i doubt channel 5’s gonna air it until like 2 years later.

  3. Yeah even our cable is slower than America’s free-to-air.

    Then again I don’t have time to catch all these shows on TV anyway. I guess BitTorrent always prevails in the end.

  4. first class is dumb. the main lead and the vice principal are fine but apart from them, the rest are fale. bad lines. bad flow. bad pacing. jade REALLY CMI in acting. omg seriously. and yes the smart ass kid pisses me off. channel 5’s new show has got a long way to go to even achieve economy class status. certainly not worth the air time.

  5. Haha you watched as well? Channel Five just has a dearth of good actors or scriptwriters… I’m not sure if the scripts are worse in sitcoms or serious serials. Somehow these traits are so much more noticeable in the English shows even though Channel 8 has the same problems.

  6. no. its just failure sitcoms are more noticeable in channel 5 and failure serious serials are more noticeable in channel 8. mediacorp tv is shallow because it lacks impact and message.

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