balance my ledger

Spoilers of Batman may occur.

Movie outings and various exploits have left me pretty broke.

But The Dark Knight was worth every cent. Yesterday (after having endeavoured to catch it for a million times, and failing) I FINALLY caught it, and can thus be considered in the COOL PART OF SOCIETY (CPOS). And truly it was an awesome movie.

I remember liking Batman Begins because in it the main characters are more fleshed out than in the classic superhero comic. Batman truly epitomises the anti-hero, yet this time the second movie had what the first didn’t – the epitome of a villain who is in every way as grey a character as Batman, if not more. Like everyone has been saying Heath Ledger really played the role so well, but I wonder if another talented actor couldn’t have played it, because the Joker really was a terrifically scripted and directed character. The wryly understating lines, the comic timing of his physical idiosyncrasies that chilled and amused you at the same time. Next to him Batman looked pretty average. Batman, while being gifted and steeled in resolve and all that, had always been flanked by his gadgets and equipment and relied on brute strength too much to get what he wanted, which would appeal to the average fanboy perhaps, but next to him the Joker seemed positively ingenious, nothing overdone, never trying too hard, never taking it “so seriously”.

This in spite of the fact that I’m not really an action movie junkie. Indeed, the fast-paced action left me left behind for quite a few times, partly because I was falling asleep. The game of cat-and-mouse happened too fast, with less romance scenes than typical to slow down the pace a little. The ending slowed down considerably, and it was the ending that I liked the most. Cliche, throwing about the same ideas in all the superhero movies, but with a slightly different take, one slightly more ambiguous, one which presents to the characters slightly less defined roles in society. No one is all good or all bad, always unconditionally accepted or ostracised.

I’ll never be a superhero comic junkie, but maybe the Batman franchise has succeeded in bringing it down to my level, just a little.


3 thoughts on “balance my ledger

  1. as super awesome the movie was, i have to unfortunately say it managed to BORE ME TO SLEEP FOR 5 MINUTES (in total).

    Probably because nothing interesting was happening sometimes and it was just pointless dialogue or the joker repeating lines again.

    Or some boring side character guy.

    but yea heath ledger ftw.

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