though it probably won’t run out in a while

I need a sabbatical for sleep.

It would be so much more efficient if people could spend the week without sleeping and somehow sleep the whole of the weekend to regain energy for the next week. Alternating sleep and action is srsly hurting our productivity.

Okay, random thought. The week has ended and on this note I think it would be apt if I include references to pain and gore. People say I look sad and I think it isn’t fair because some people naturally have happier faces while I look sad even when I’m contemplative or bewildered or shocked, or anything other than brazen and happy for that matter.

On that note thank you everyone and please note that when I appear to be deaf I’m probably just daoing you because talking makes me tired. I think this is the phase before the one where I start making off-colour jokes on a daily basis, so APPRECIATE SURLY-MATTHEW, WHILE STOCKS LAST.


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