cunningly sidesteps issue

My old blog archives are a refreshing read. At the start of the year I think I was churning out funny posts on a regular basis!

Amazing how much imagination did to me. Now my blog fills people with COLDNESS AND DREAD.

I think someday I’ll take on the study of truantology. I’ll monitor the truant rates of random classmates and find out what’s happening in school on the days they stayed home, and try to come up with impressive-looking statistics to back up whatever points I may have come up with and conclude that it’s a worrying societal trend. Which only means that HO SHIT, MY MIND’S RUNNING IN BAOZHANGDUHOUGAN MODE.

I did a calculation of my end-year GPA if all goes well for every single subject. It was horrifying high , and I don’t want to disappoint my expectations of myself now that I’ve opened up Pandora’s Calculator, SO I SHALL FROM NOW ON BE MATING WITH MY ACCORDION FILE AND THE WORKSHEETS WITHIN, KTHXBYE.

I wish I wrote more frequently. Chapter Two of The Ubers lingers on my to-do list (a largely ineffective one, I may add) and while I’m pretty satisfied with the Prologue and Chapter One, a novel isn’t made of just that, and I’ll have to work extra hard and such. I have so many characters planned out and it’s going to be hard to flesh all of them out somehow or other throughout the story, but it’s a more enjoyable write than most.

And thanks for those few 2Pians who went up to me and said that I/we acted well for the house meeting. I wonder what it’ll be like to meet as a class again. I’ve long since realised on retrospect that we were pretty segregated as a class, but I’m still fine with most of them and it’ll be nice to talk to my old classmates again. Maybe it’ll be like lower sec again; we’d crack the same lame Al jokes and fuss over Maplestory and Pokemon and do stupid stuff. Yet maybe I’m wrong. Maybe everyone else has changed like I have, and we’ll just make stilted conversation while judging everyone around the table.

Ahh, so self-conscious, me.


9 thoughts on “cunningly sidesteps issue

  1. no… no… not back to sec 2! ill be called jonnoballs and get raped all over again! NOOOO.

    but you know on second thought, what’s the difference from then and now . i mean with kieran in our class…


  2. Heh, 2P was alright. But there really was too great a difference between the laidback majority and the self-motivated/mugger minority. If I had a choice to relive those two crucial years, I know which side I’d be on.

  3. i’m on the laidback half? i think?

    and i’d do it again even if it meant my grades. >_>

    i enjoyed the house meeting rendition of the play, even though it had its screw ups, i could tell that it would have been really awesome.

    i mean, after i watched it, i couldn’t stop saying how awesome it was all through lunch.

    i don’t think 2P as a whole has changed that much. i think. O_o

  4. haha i guess i’m in the laidback half though i probably wouldn’t have minded being in the mugger half. and really abel the one put up during drama feste was much awesomer than the house meeting’s. though this time i got to hear more of the lines because the audience were quite noisy during drama feste.

  5. i never said the one in dramafeste wasn’t more awesome, i was just saying that it was already so awesome i could tell it was awesome even from the crappy rendition. =P

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