I’m so impulsive someday I’ll be sitting in a prison cell wondering why the hell.

Our last run of 1+1+1=0. Everything was wrong with the sounds, and we ended it just feeling really downbeat, as with Friday’s run. Our fourth run, and it has to get worse each time. I think I’m comforted that we did well when we had to and that we no longer have to prove anything to others, yet that also brings to question my motivation for putting on a show. When there’s nothing left to play for, will I still give my all to the people watching?

I guess I feel disgruntled that we had to restage our play twice, especially in today’s House Meeting. Firstly, most of the people who wanted to watch it would probably have made the effort to watch us during Dramafeste, and secondly drama shouldn’t be something you force on an audience, because an unwilling audience is a lukewarm one.

After the performance we huddled at one corner backstage, distraught. “Alright guys, let’s scream on the count of 3! 1, 2, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Freaking fairies, all of them. Us. Whatever.

Post-production gathering, I can’t wait. I’m also understanding math and physics and lots of other things. Life’s good.


12 thoughts on “forsooth!

  1. somehow, i could’t see the comment box for ur previous post. (can u disable comments for indiv posts?)

    well, moot, reading dat post, i shall be presumptuous and state categorically that anyone with half a brain, and who is updated (unlike v) understands ‘why not’ . (n in the highly-improbably case that im severely mistaken, then its a good laugh, i guess)

    the first qns that popped in my head was not ‘why not!’, or ‘who’. but rather, ‘why here’.

    i can’t qns ur decision for it is yours, and yours alone to make. so wad i can do, i guess, in my limited capacity as the poor-victim that sits betwixt u n lian, is well, to be there for ya.

    so in our last stretch of this RI-life, let us strive on.

    (although now my bitch-y side wonders how come lian gets all the snea k preview and how the other side feels)

    flame on.

  2. the more times i read it, the more i emote.

    from what i gather, you’ve gotta trust, trust in yourself, trust in His Will and trust in, and believe that the two of u can make it work.

    stop thinking of Murphy’s law.

    and ya’know wad: i know of a quote that goes “Don’t wait, the time will never be just right”.

    what am i saying? i dun really know. but wad i do know is how i feel.

    and to think just hours ago we (hern(sama) u me)were happily, mindlessly bullshting.

    how the pendulum swings.

  3. mooty you never struck me as the mature type person, to think about this sort of stuff but i guess you just proved me wrong and your subject matter changed really changed you.

    however, though your worries are not unfounded, i believe you should not purposely put a break to anything but rather to just let nature take its course. sometimes doing something will just makes things worse.

    and if you really need advice on how to slow things down, you can try asking that wacko with the fin who sits next to you. i’m sure he will be willing to help.

  4. Well, I’m here like the rest of them to share my opinion on the previous post..

    If you think that your studies will be affected, then I guess that’s a good reason, which goes under the “I’m not ready” category.

    My mind’s kind of messed up right now, since I’m not getting my sleep..

    But all I want to say is that, I hope you’ve thought it over, because I hope you don’t regret it.

    You will regret it if you get bad grades, but I think you will regret it more if your emotions can’t take it.

    If your emotions can’t take it, then your grades will likely suffer too.

    Blah, I’m rambling. But take it from me, I’ve got experience.

  5. Erm. I was right, my head was kind of messed up.

    I think it would be clearer if I put it this way.

    Let no one influence your decision to do the right thing. Because doing the right thing will make you happy. Happiness is the goal of life, and the only thing that should guide your decision is your wanting for happiness.

    So basically, do whatever makes you happy. Then you won’t regret it.

  6. the hullett exco people made you people stage the play again because they ran out of things to talk about. and yes i couldn’t agree more that this time around it was lousier than the real one itself. the sound TOTALLY screwed up.

  7. (i’m assuming you are the matthew who tagged on my blog.. if you’re not, then … nvm. i very malu.)

    well, you are most welcome to go back to hullett next year and flirt around :) alternatively, you can go to HH in RJ and be a boyslut there :)

    anyway, on restaging a performance, i think it has many factors to it. and before putting the blame on anyone else, i think the actor’s mentality very important. Because – and i don’t blame you – you don’t know what you are performing for. restaging a show during house meeting is perhaps wrong time lar (1 pm). and besides, i reckoned you guys did not rehearse before that right? even though you might think you guys are damn good, but at the back of your mind, the little bit of insecurity will manifest itself onstage to break a lot of things. think about it, a little insecurity from everyone makes a big insecurity.

    why would your audience be lukewarm? they are all hullettians leh. i mean you are performing for your own house… i mean the audience could have been REALLY bad if i were to ask you to perform in front of another house wah.

    but generally, i am not for the idea of restaging a completed show. because, now in your memory, the last 2 impression of 1 + 1 + 1 = 0 is probably going to be a not so good one… and then you will – as you have already done so – start to doubt whether was your show really that good after all.

    and you are wondering why woo chiao is rumbling so much nonsense suddenly, that’s becaues he’s taking a break from studying acromegaly.

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