snape, snape, severus snape (dumbledore!)

Intriguing while not being totally fascinating. Heck, I’ll watch it anyway. Young Tom is cute and in any case I’ve always liked the young versions of main characters, it just adds yet another dimension to that character and increases sympathy for him, and sympathy in an antagonist is very important indeed; I wish he gets much screentime but I doubt it. I can’t exactly remember what was in the sixth book; my memory of the last two books have been particularly hazy, since the two books are largely similar in nature.

And the Harry Potter soundtracks have got to be a close second to that of Tarzan’s.

20th November!


12 thoughts on “snape, snape, severus snape (dumbledore!)

  1. No idea, it says 20th on IMDB, and anyway what difference does it make! It’s AFTER EXAMS, it’s DURING THE HOLIDAYS, and it’s SUITABLY NEAR MY BIRTHDAY. That’s all I need to know :D

  2. Hmm. You sure he will be free on his birthday? Somehow, I seriously doubt it. Hahahaha.

    I don’t mind paying for the ticket as a present, though.

  3. zhi ming u bitch.

    u just jacked urself. u’ll hav to pay for two tickets! its 2 for 1!

    anyways, im sure mooty doesn’t mind watching the same movie twice.
    he’s a great guy, mootix is!

  4. pay: Potter Puppet Pals reference! Eee you don’t know, you are falling behind the times.

    hciR: Ah, that I am :D Never tried watching a movie twice in cinemas before. Sounds like a waste of money to me, and I’ll just be shouting out spoilers. Like:

    Audience: …dood, we knew that long ago. Batman always winz. Lame.
    Matthew: Oh. Crap.

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