do we have a showcase?

I’ve been thinking about Showcase Portfolio.

Okay. Every single Sec 4 in RI is forced to reflect on their four years in the Raffles Programme and come up with a portfolio and oral presentation of sorts presenting their finest points and l33t metacognitive skillz. I don’t have many fine points, but I do like metacognition and introspection in general. After school today I just spent my journeying time thinking up possible frameworks for my portfolio. It was pretty fun.

YES, I haven’t done much for/in Raffles, which may prove to be my undoing, but quite clearly the point of Showcase Portfolio is to dwell not on what you haven’t done in RI, but what you have. I want to make this portfolio something I can be proud of, especially if I get high English marks as a BONUS. (then I can include THIS assignment in my next Showcase Portfolio, whenever that may be, et cetera. And thus the cycle of metacognition goes on. Damn, I’m good.)

I must say this year has been rather fruitful, as apathetically-spent RI years go. Now onward, to contemplation and reflection!


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