After yesterday’s matinee I was so demoralised.

Bayley was really, really good. Maybe it’s because they followed emo plays, but gosh the script was superb (like when I first read it, except they’d since edited and improved on it), and what’s more the comic moments were so successfully milked. For an inexperienced cast (all newbies!) they were brilliant, really, all of them. In spite of myself I couldn’t help clapping at their curtain call. They were crude and daring and controversial, but they won over the audience fair and square.

I compared it to ours. I didn’t even fully understand ours.

Dramafeste 2008

Best Director – Jonlian (Hullett)
Best Script – Bayley
Best Acting Ensemble – Hullett
Most Promising Young Actor – Uday (Hullett)
Most Promising Actor – Shanzhi (Moor)
Best Actor – Greg Antono (Hullett)
Best Play – Hullett & Bayley

Oh my goodness, joint-winners for the first time in goodness knows when. I think it really summed up well in the other prizes – Bayley had the better script and we had better actors, though Bayley’s direction is not to be discredited, because theirs was good as well. I won’t deny I was disappointed because it was always going to be down to Bayley and Hullett, and joint-winners didn’t really cut it for me. I want to know who WAS better (and it probably could have been Hullett) but the closure won’t be there.

My first and last Dramafeste in RI, maybe I wish I could have joined it earlier, but maybe this is enough. I have learnt a lot about myself. I act better in comical situations, because that’s just the way it is. I probably wouldn’t have been out of place in a Bayley-esque play. As No One I was pretty much lacklustre, so it was the fairytale stories that I did slightly better in. I have much to learn as an individual actor if I want to bring it to the next level – good, yes, but just not good enough! – but I just loved the Hullett team. Cast, crew. Working with such brilliant people one just feels compelled to give his best, and today I gave two performances I can be proud of, because our ensemble was tight and we had good individual acting from everyone, which was only what the script required.

In the evening show I was just so calm. Thanks for all who prayed. It was peace. I sat backstage for ten minutes before the performance and just stoned; it was therapeutic. For all the performances I’ve been in I’m still nervy before them, so thank God for the lack of nerves tonight.

I’d always thought I wouldn’t get post-production blues after this. I was wrong. SHIT.

THANKS FOR ALL THOSE WHO CAME. You know I love you all, right?

Okay I’ve run out of emotional stuff to say. So shit you, good night if you’re reading this in the early morning because no one can be as crazy as me, and study for the differentiation test on Monday. POST-DF EUPHORIA IS NO REASON FOR FAIL MATH. AND I HAVEN’T EVEN COMPLETELY TAKEN OFF THE MAKEUP.

Oh man, differentiation. Winners of five out of seven prizes and we still have to do differentiation. WAY TO SAP HOUSE SPIRIT, MATH.


24 thoughts on “BIT’H.

  1. There was a winner by 6 points, but they (judges) did not disclose who it was. They thought the difference was too little, so they went for the joint winner.

    I would have went for Bayley, but Hullett thrashed the other houses by too much.

    Awesome job, guys.

  2. o.0 so there really WAS a winner? r u sure u got that right? my impression was that the gap between first n 2nd was too huge(6 pts) and the judges din wan to make the hard decision of drawing a clear line in the sand so they just gave joint winners lorhh.

    is there a 3rd 4th 5th placing?

  3. haha i have the full points system.
    hullett 34 points
    bayley 29 points
    moor 5 points
    buckley 5 points
    morrison 4 points
    cos hullett won best director, ensemble and 2 acting awards, accounting for the 5 points lead.

    i think as far as the performers were involved, both show were first place material. But for house points, it’s a different matter :)

    oh well. it was unsatisfying results i suppose. i think now the hullettians deep down inside feel that they are better than bayley and the bayleans deep down inside feel that they are better than hullett.

    and you know what? we’ll never have an answer. i think that’s the most agonising part.

  4. Even with you guys and your nice sweep of a bunch of acting prizes, we only lose out by 5 points! :P
    We’re still better!! If only i wrestled that best director from jon lian! :D
    Oh and i was really really hoping for best ensemble cos we had a fair chance in that. Bummer.


  5. Wow I’m only replying to comments after nineteen have come and gone, which is eighteen more than my average! WOOHOO I’m like totally off blog addiction!

    In fact I’m not even going to reply to any comment. That’s kinda boring. I’ll just spout careless generalities. Like, uh, night is black!

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