A few weeks ago there were only two relatively enormous projects to worry about, but now there’re looming tests, soon-to-be-overdue assignments and the palpable scent of impending projects, ON TOP OF Dramafeste.

It’s been a long journey, though I’d have liked more, because we can definitely be more prepared and the show’s on Saturday and I’ll be praying in the wings every chance I can that nothing screws up, that we can be an ensemble we can be proud of, that the crew will get every cue right because THEY DESERVE IT FOR THE TIME AND EFFORT. It’s not all about winning. The prizes at stake definitely add a bit of spice to the whole thing, with secrecy and subterfuge the name(s) of the game – yet the prizes shouldn’t be the only concern. I’ve been in drama for the fun, the relative unbridled freedom, the inside jokes unique to each production; it’s the main reason why I’ve been coming back for more. As productions go I honestly think Dramafeste 08 hasn’t been as memorable as I would have liked it to be. Maybe if we had more time, maybe if we had more preparation, more rehearsals… But maybe the sting will come on Saturday night, after we’ve won or lost and are leaving for home. Maybe I’d be trying to congratulate myself for having more free time now, before realising that the words just can’t come.

I’m leaving the school soon, yet I just keep trying new things. I haven’t done much in the school, but ultimately it is the things I HAVE done that will leave behind memories. A few Facebook photos or a handwritten thank-you note.

To the 2P’06 people who have been involved in Hullett Dramafeste in one way or other, you are awesome. I never, ever thought we had it in us. Maybe Hullett still doesn’t mean anything to us, but it’s heartening to know that 2P does.

Okay, this is where I come up with a joke to relieve the tension.


7 thoughts on “feste-ive

  1. I say, screw the worrying about how much time we have left in RI.

    Instead, enjoy it.

    I mean, no point wasting time worrying.

    Oh anyway, good luck for DramaFeste!

  2. haha i just love the cast and crew. i think it would have been a lot more meaningful for you if you were in crew! CREW IS TOTALLY AWESOME AND FUN :D sorry but when dealing with cast, i have to be totally serious.

  3. “Leon Han played a part in the Hullett Drama Feste Production and contributed to it overall 1st placing.”

    That’s what I’m hoping to put in my testimonial! Go make it happen!

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