pregnant pause

I have a song from really long ago stuck in my head but I don’t know the lyrics and I don’t know the title and I’ve been Googling for quite some time, and until then it’ll be stuck in my head without a name and without proper lyrics and I shall fill it with words I think should fit with the tune. Lalala


2 thoughts on “pregnant pause

  1. Sing it to me maybe I know it.

    there was a website that offered that but I forgot the URL. (As in, like, you sing the tune and the whole world tries to tell you what song it is.)

  2. Okay I forgot how the song goes. SEE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW THE SONG NAME BECAUSE THEN YOU FORGET IT EASILY. And yeah I think I read about a search engine like that in Digital Life or something. It sounds really nifty eh!

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